Lessons must be learned from PCC disaster

AT last, that despicable piece of Rotherham Labour has gone.

Shaun Wright should have been sacked but this is the next best thing and at least he is not going to receive a pay-off which no doubt he was hoping for.

Now, will he pay back the £16,000 he pocketed of taxpayers’ money for the so called necessary security system at his home?   

I said at the time that this expenditure was totally unnecessary as the threat to this man and his family was no greater, in fact far less than for any ordinary police officer who receives absolutely nothing for the security of his/her home. Neither do these police officers receive £85,000 per year, so Wright could easily have afforded it himself out of his own pocket.

I only hope now that the tribal voters of Rotherham and South Yorkshire have learnt a lesson from this disastrous incident.  

Just because the candidate is wearing a red rosette doesn’t mean he is the best man for the job because in the case of Wright.

They couldn’t have picked anyone worse.

Now let South Yorkshire Police get on with the job we pay them for without the political interference of this individual.

We can only hope the next person to be elected PCC has some idea of what they are doing.  

Also, perhaps this Government will learn a lesson from it all and scrap the very idea of PCCs as a panel of people-making decisions is far better than just one dictator.  

Just after Wright was elected, I wrote to the Prime Minister stating he had created a left wing monster in South Yorkshire and the corrupt goings on behind this non-position of PCC.  

How right I was.  

I shall be reminding David Cameron of this and the mealy-mouthed response I received from the Home Office.

Jim Fletcher, Woodsetts