Labour letting down British workers

Sir-- On March 15, a reporter asked Ed Milliband and Ed Balls where they stood on the free movement of European labour.

Both agreed they wouldn't be putting a end to the international scabbing campaign introduced by New Labour.

With over a million British kids out of work and 8 million adults on benefits of some kind, Labour claim to represent the British workforce.

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We can clearly see they don't. They are charlatans. They are more than willing to see our sons and daughters on benefits with no hope or no prospects, so British and foreign business are free to exploit Eastern European labour, driving down wages and working conditions and sending the British to the brink of absolute poverty.

They don't represent you. Labour represents business leaders, not the working class. Wake up and smell the coffee before it's to late.

If you tolerate this, your children will be next.

Michael Conlon, Independent candidate for Maltby, School Walk, Maltby.