Labour deserves what's coming

Sir--So it looks like unions are finally considering quitting the Labour Party and withdrawing funding, not before time too.

The Labour Party, when it decided to ditch Clause 4 ditched its founding principles and became Tory overnight.

Labour's policies over their 13 years in power prove this.

Labour soon re-introduced Claus 4 when the bankers needed it, when they nationalised the banks and now Ed  "I can't count" balls has fully agreed to the cuts made by the Con/Dems. so where does that leave Ed Balls and blue Labour?

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A vote for labour is a vote for Tories and a vote for Tories is a vote for Labour. There is only 5% difference between the parties and that's official.

These MPs have been corrupted by a system designed to further the interests of capitalists, at any cost to the public and our services.

The Labour Party will have to move root and branch to gain the trust of the majority of hardworking families in the UK before the next general election.

Labour are morally bankrupt and if the unions open their eyes and show some "balls" the Labour Party will be financially bankrupt as well and it's all their own doing.

They deserve whats coming.

Michael Conlon, School Walk, Maltby.