Is it time for McDonalds to stop using toys to sell burgers?

Sir--McDonald’s giving out free toys may be a bad idea as it is encouiging children to eat McDonald’s more frequently as they enjoy the toys and want to collect them.

More and more children are becoming obese in the UK, so is this about to make it get worse?

On the other hand, it is making more money for McDonald’s as more children are buying happy meals at McDonald’s for the toy included. This is resulting in more money for the international restaurant, but is it pushing it too far?

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As I have noticed, you do not get a toy with any of the healthier chocies such as the salad wraps or fruit bags.

So are McDonald’s deliberately only selling to toys with the fatter food products with more calories?

Mcdonald's is one of the most popular restaurants ever and it’s been going for a lengthy amount of time, but maybe it’s the time for the  restaurant to make some changes.

Another change that could be made at McDonald’s is that everything you buy is contained in a cardboard box.

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Burger boxes, chip cones, wrap trays, hot drink cups and McFlurry tubs. This should be recycled.  McDonald’s, as a popular leading food chain, should do something about this matter.

In the stores there should be separate bins for each different material of each different product.

For example, a plastic waste bin, a cardboard waste bin and a food waste bin. At present, they are all put in the same bin.

Subsquently, I can see more people wanting to eat and work there as it will be a much “greener” company.          


Tamzin Snelling,  (aged 11) Aston.


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