How things have changed . . .

WHEN I was a lad growing up in the 60's, we had an outside toilet, no telephone, and a black and white TV. When they showed 50's westerns, they were in 'letterbox' format, with a narrow band of picture in the middle and big black bands at the top and botto

Fast forward to now, and we have indoor plumbing, the internet on top and widescreen TV's. When they show endless reruns of Morecambe & Wise and Porridge, the screen now has black bands either side of the screen. However, the TV stations have swapped the black bands for tasteful graduated blue bands at the sides instead. It wont be long 'til this is replaced with adverts and previews and a clock, just like the Vista sidebar!

Well, lets go one step further...why not put curtains on the side of the TV screen to mask the area, or better still, use them to cover up the damn reruns in the first place!

Andrew Redding, Richmond Park Avenue, Rotherham.

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