Horror at racing pigeon slaughter

Sir--Can I first of all say how horrified I am at the fact someone could destroy a loft full of thoroughbred racing pigeons.

These must have taken the fancier years to establish (heartbreaking). I feel though that not everybody shares my view as I've heard pigeons referred to as flying rats, what a misconception!

I wonder if people are aware that pigeons won more Dicken Medals (animal Victoria Cross) than any other animals during wartime and if it wasn't for pigeons like those so tragically destroyed in that fire, England would most definitely have been under Nazi occupation.

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So, good luck to Mr Spencer I hope he finds the culprits and they are fully prosecuted for destroying a mans hobby one which is synonimous with this area and one which is a dying part of English heritage.

David Miller, Rotherham Road, Maltby.


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