Future orders lost

Sir, Is it me, or am I wrong in assuming that the use of internet orders enabled companies to speed things up, and at the same time, enhance communication?

Wrong! Additionally, is it just me who thought it good business practice to let a client know at the point of order, that there would be a lengthy delay on one of the products and enquire if they would like to proceed with the rest of the order? Again wrong!

Also, am I incorrect to assume that one could expect some kind of apology for any inconvenience caused? Absolutely not!

And finally, wouldn’t you have thought in this economic climate, that companies would be falling over themselves to both build up and retain custom? Clearly not!

I had placed an order for Merino wool with a local company on June 20. It arrived today, July 14,  ironically having cancelled everything else on the order yesterday excluding three shades of wool required for a wedding bouquet.

I really believe because I dared to complain and ask repeatedly when I could expect delivery, they had sat on it deliberately.

Clearly, they must consider themselves above reproach! I think that that mode of thinking and action in today’s climate is a little dangerous and is somewhat symptomatic of a narcissistic approach to business.

My bouquet was half made and despite being in close liaison with my client, showing her what I had done so far and frequent visits with samples since June 20, she cancelled half an hour before the post arrived by snail mail this morning.

I don’t blame her because she knows I am waiting to go into hospital for major surgery, but her big day is in early October. So despite my pleas and several emails to the wool company in your area, I shall place my future business elsewhere i.e. World of Wool in Huddersfield plus Crafty Notions in Newark who ship goods quite frequently the following day and there are others north of the border with whom many in my felting circles, for exactly the same reasons, place orders  instead. 

Marion Day, Minster Close Hucknall, Notts.

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