Fight for the NHS

I WAS pleased to see the second story on the front page of The Advertiser last week, the report showing the TUSC group lobbying the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust governors. They handed in there petition of over well over three thousand signatures, andit s

But petitions alone will not change things.To fight this attack on our NHS, we need a mass community campaign, the unions, the workers, the service users and the public need to unite as one to fight back.

We will not believe that these cuts will not affect patient care. It will affect the standard of patient care. We will not stand back and let this happen.

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The NHS is something that we all use, we all need and we all want, it is something that was fought for and again will have to fight to keep it.

The majority of people in Britain can not remember a Britain without a national health service, that is not a world that I want. Oppose all cuts. Oppose all job cuts. Protect all services.

Neil Adshead, Rotherham Branch, The Socilaist Party, Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft