Fiasco is the tip of the incompetence iceberg

HAVING lived a long time in South Yorkshire and still living nearby, I have seen the continual incompetence of the Labour Party in running RMBC.

The fact is that the extremist left have totally taken control there with all the dogma that goes with it.

People always used to say "Me nan voted Labour, me mum and dad vote Labour..." etc.

A stuffed rat with a red rosette would get elected (the rat being more useful probably than its human counterpart!).

As for Labour and UKIP, I seem to remember a certain MP called Denis McShane who gave Nigel Farage a hard time over expenses when now we hear McShane is the self-confessed expenses fiddler.

Incompetent and hypocritical at the same time! Good hearted people of Rotherham please wake up and smell the coffee.

Give the smug LibLabContrick a kick in the proverbials and vote UKIP. Why not? It's only a mid-term election - nothing to lose, you can always boot them out at the next general election if you want.

Name and address supplied.