Fed up of parking problems

Sir, After reading last week’s Advertiser I feel I have to write in and state my full support for the two lettesr raised in relation to both the parking debacle around Clifton Park and the lunacy outlined in the plans for the leasing off, and restricting t

How long is RMBC going to persist in abusing the residents and street of Clifton?

Whether it’s a match at the rugby club, the frustrated parents of the next David Beckham / Will Carling, or an invasion by the fair weather friends of Clifton Park who, may I add you never see in the depth of winter, and who seem perfectly adept at lugging their  parasols, gazebos, beach balls, children and Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s etc… carrier bags filled with enough junk food to encourage Jamie Oliver to depart the shores of Malibu and head up’t north once more, yet conversely seem unable or unwilling to take the same detritus, dirty nappies, crisp packet and discarded wrappers home with them, it’s the residents of Clifton that suffer.

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Far too often it seems the residents of Clifton are subjected to something akin to a biblical plague, where these modern day locusts in there Chelsea Tractors, people parriers and crossovers descend on this normally quiet neighbourhood of Clifton, devouring its street, double parking, parking on kerbs and junctions, across drives, anywhere it seem is fair game.

So does anyone know why RMBC would want to add to this by allowing this corner of the Herringthorpe Playing Fields to be ‘privately’ developed when the now derelict former Leisure Centre site is available?

A resident, (address supplied).