Faith school bus passes are wrong

Sir--I never realised that children attending faith schools received free bus passes and I'm glad I didn't (see Advertiser, Feburary 17).

I'm glad this is the first I've heard of it and I'm glad that the scheme is going to be scrapped.

Why should children from families of a particular religion receive consessions in this way? How did they 'deserve' this in the first place? If I wanted to send my (hypothetical) children to an 'outstanding' rated school that was not religious then I would have to pay to get them there, either in bus fares or in fuel. Why should people of faith get it for free?

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The parent from Kimberworth quoted in the article called the decision "discrimination against my child on the grounds of religion". This is the most ridiculous statement in the entire article.

This decision is NOT discrimination to anyone, in fact it puts more students on a level footing.

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It could be argued that the discrimination has been against non-faith school students whose families have had no choice but to foot travel bills, while faith school students have travelled for free on account of their 'special' status as faith school children. It is a sad fact that inequality exists, but it does.

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Most children have to attend their local catchment area school. My own parents worked around our moving house when I was twelve so that I could still attend Oakwood School, rather than moving to Thrybergh Comprehensive, despite a lack of 'spare' money. If parents feel that strongly about their child having a faith education, I'm sure that they can do the same.

Carly Daniels, Marlowe Drive, Herringthorpe.