Fact-finding trip in order over roads maintenance

WITH reference to "hole lot of holes!" By sheer co-incidence shortly after my previous letter I had the exciting experience of negotiating Beaconsfield Road.

I must admit it is in close competition with the road from Maltby to Stainton with respect to its state of repair.

However it was good to see that our Highway Asset Management Principal Engineer has a sound maintenance plan (operating within a structured budget) which will schedule the required repairs for the 2013/2014 program of works.

I do not normally promote fact-finding missions for local government employees but perhaps a trip to Doncaster, Sheffield, Worksop and indeed as far afield as Norfolk would be helpful in finding out how their maintenance plans operate as these clearly work.

In summary, might I also suggest that Streetpride's statement has more to do with avoiding personal injury compensation claims by demonstating procedures are in place than actually maintaining our roads.

Mr MJ Bloor, Bevan Cresent, Maltby.

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