Double-0 heaven or double-0 hell?

Michael Upton explains why news of a James Bond cash crisis has not left him shaken or stirred.

Am I the only person in the world who couldn’t care less how long it takes for a new James Bond film to be made?

With this week’s news of makers MGM hitting serious financial trouble, there was much gnashing and wailing as speculation raged that Bond fans might have to wait—shock horror!—an extra year for the next instalment, to be directed by Sam Mendes, to come out.

Frankly, all the “crisis” talk left me cold.

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Bond has never been the same since he was reinvented in the wake of the Bourne films, which make the spy thriller exciting and compelling in a way the modern Bond movies have never managed.

Whatever the ladies may think of Daniel Craig, his character has been reinvented in such a way that all the humour which made the series watchable has been drained out of it.

If Bourne does it so well, do we need Bond doing, too, especially when the last effort, Quantum of Solace, was a slice of confused drama as dense and incomprehensible as its title.

Having said that, the Bond films always pull in several times their budget in box office so someone is sure to step in and rescue MGM sooner rather than later. Bond is bound to be back, whether I like it or not.

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