'Doomed' by EU migrants

Sir, Re, the migrants who commit 500 crimes a week but can't be deported because they're from the EU. Poles are the worst offenders according to new figures

Those imprisoned for more than two years can be deported.

European migrants are committing over 500 crimes a week in Britain, according to new figures - but officials are powerless to deport the majority of offenders.

More than 54,000 EU citizens have been convicted of criminal offences - including murder - in the past two years.

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And the worst offenders have been named as the Poles and Romanians - further fuelling concerns over the most recent EU expansions.

However, because of the European Union's rules on freedom of movement, only a handful of those offenders - those who have received a prison sentence of at least two years - can be deported.

The alarming figures published by the Daily Telegraph come following reports that the number of crimes committed by foreigners in the UK had virtually doubled in the past two years.

Police have also warned that the foreign offenders are adding pressure to their resources, often due to language barriers.

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One police leader said that even a simple caution could take six hours to issue to a foreigner who did not speak English.

All this at a time when Messrs Cameron amd Clegg are proposing to massively slash police budgets. We’re all doomed I tell thee, we’re all doomed.

David Miller, Rotherham Road, Maltby.