Don't jump to conclusions about UKIP

In response to the letter of December 7 by Mr D Platts. Firstly, relating to the foster care issue, there was no hysteria whipped up.

There was however a very ill-advised decision made, to which the Rotherham public are allowed to respond to. Secondly, many people had already used their postal vote before this incident was news to the general public. The third paragraph consists of hateful, inaccurate claims!

UKIP members are not anti-Eastern European or anti-immigration. We all know, or should do, that without these people who are working here, our economy would not operate as well and the National Health Service would grind to a halt.

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What the United Kingdom Independence Party do wish to see is a sensible long term plan so that our services and infrastructure do not reach breaking point. Where does Mr Platts propose that all this money to fund things as they are, will come from? We are in a recession! He refers to the cuts that UKIP would make.

We are in this mess partly due to incompetent financial decisions made by others, in the first place. Anyone can spend other peoples' money. It takes thought and skill to plan for the future. Muddling through is not an option!

Finally, yes, let us all find out the facts and not jump to conclusions before we start labelling.

Cheryl O'Shea, Hall Court, Ravenfield

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