Dog owners not all the same

IN reply to a letter from Irene Knight.

I am a dog owner and like a lot of my friends we carry pooper bags in every coat and bag. On our walks we clean up and use the relevant bins to deposit our parcels. I do totally agree with comments made in the letter. I am always annoyed by the number of people who don’t clean up and tend to find myself asking them quite bluntly if they want a bag.

Some ignore me and walk off others find the need to be abusive. I have a similar problem with someone letting their pet leave its calling card on my front. I will find out who it is and return it to them. It is a shame that because of this problem a lot of us are being tarred with the same brush.

Can I assure this lady we are not all the same and we too feel annoyed with this problem.

Julia Kitchen, Bramley


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