Do not blame the dogs

I READ the letter from Jill Rhodes and in some parts I do agree with her. However, in some I really do not.

Having had several dogs in my time I have always taught them not to jump up and to stay at my side when approaching people they do not know. This is because not everyone likes them. I do let them off in public places and do not see why they should be unable to have freedom on a walk. If they are well mannered and their bad habits corrected there is not a problem.

The errors lay with the owners and a dog will do things all the more if not properly educated. I could say the same about some parents with children who let them freely approach dogs they do not know. I was always taught that not all dogs are the same and this was instilled in my children even thought they were brought up with several dogs of all breeds and sizes. If someone took a kick at mine I too would be unhappy. Shouting down to them is generally more effective. Yes, an apology would have been nice but preferably before the boot went in. The dog is not always to blame.

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My dog has the right to run free on a walk and if I was that way inclined I could say that free running children should be well trained and kept on a lead. There is nothing worse than unruly children running free in public places but no one puts pen to paper on that subject.