Disgust at town centre decline

Sir—I am writing to express my disgust at the state of Rotherham town centre.

The litter problem is overwhelming the Streetpride team. Why do we have litter laws that are not enforced to the full to eradicate this epidemic?

We are as I write this plagued by gangs of drunks roaming the town drinking cans and bottles of alchohol, swearing and causing havoc to local businesses, falling asleep on benches and vomiting and urinating in public places, with the PCSOs unable to act (what happened to the blanket ban of drinking alcohol in the centre?).

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I am losing all respect for the town of my birth — the homecoming of our local football team and the Olympic torch relay put a pride in our town that is now beginning to evaporate rapidly!

The powers that be need to act and act now before we are plunged into chaos. The shopping figures upsurge will not be maintained and new businesses will not venture into the town centre until this problem is eradicated. People who still have regard for this town, it is time to hear your voice.

Roy Herbert, East Crescent, Rotherham.

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