Dirty tricks again

Sir—I refer to the article in which your readers made comments about election candidates breaking the law by not printing their full addresses on campaign leaflets (see Advertiser, April 20).

I would like to draw your attention to further “abuses” of the law.

In our own area Cllr Darren Hughes (Anston and Woodsetts, who was once a Conservative and is now standing under the Labour banner), has distributed letters around our village without his full address.

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While Cllr Hughes states he lives in Rotherham he forgets to put Catcliffe on his literature.

I think this is another cynical ploy to mislead the people of Anston and Woodsetts as he lives almost three miles from where he is standing.

The law is quite clear (as quite rightly Mr Foulds points out) that the full address must be printed.

It should also be noted that his leaflets are endorsed by his agent, Cllr Iain St John, a man who at the last election was himself subject to an eight-month police investigation into making false statements in election leaflets.

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How many more dirty tricks will Labour candidates (and it does seems to be all Labour candidates) resort to, just to get elected.

I, like many other people in Anston, are sick and tired of the blatant abuse of the law by these main parties. It’s time for the independent candidates to be heard.

S. Thornton, The Oval, North Anston.