DEBATE: Why we should all celebrate St George's Day.

Proud Englishman and Advertiser reader David Miller reckons we should all celebrate our national heritage on St George's Day. Do you agree?

Sir -- Can I state that St George's day is looming and here are a few facts I feel we should all know about.

St George's Day, April 23, is when we, the English celebrate our national day and our patron saint.

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It is when we celebrate our history, our culture and the values and principles that we as a country stand for.

Despite the fact that over the last 300 years England's very identity has been pushed to one side for the sake of Britishness, and in spite of the best efforts of many of the political classes, the English are once again beginning to find their voice.

With the devolution of the other home countries, England and the English, after three centuries, are once again beginning to rediscover their own identity.

Since 1996 when England football fans started waving the Cross of St George instead of the Union Jack, our flag has made a startling comeback and is now to be seen everywhere you look, whether on the backs of cars or worn proudly on T-shirts or baseball caps.

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Will you be celebrating St George's Day?  Should it be a public holiday? Use the "write a comment" buttons to post your views or click here to join our poll.

Figures from 1999 showed that sales of St George Cross flags had soared five-fold in five years for one manufacturer.

Clinton Cards had sold 60,000 St George greetings cards, up from 4000 when they were first introduced in 1994 and the Royal Society of St George had quadrupled its membership within the year.

At the time of writing 70,000 people have signed the Bombardier on-line petition to have St George's Day marked with a national holiday.

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So next St George's Day join thousands of your fellow countrymen and make a point of celebrating our day.

Wear a rose, send a card, let your nearest and dearest know that you're thinking of them. Have a drink or a meal, give presents or have a full blown party.

Display our flag with pride because no matter what anyone else says we have more to be proud of than other nation.

No other people on the planet have left their mark as we have. Our language, our sports, our culture, our inventions and discoveries have been carried worldwide and, in one way or the other, touch every living person on the planet.

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Twice this century alone our people have fought and died on foreign fields; not because our country was directly threatened, but in defence of freedom and liberty.

By celebrating our day, by flying our flag or even by simply wearing a pin badge, we are stating in our own way that no matter what they may say, there are still millions of people out there who care so much for this great country of ours.

We are alive and well and will not be quiet. The lion roars again.

David Miller, Rotherham Road, Maltby.

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