Cyclists are just as selfish

I FEEL I must take issue with the four responders to my letter regarding cyclist on our roads (August 2)

Firstly, Ade Robinson pontificates about my use of the words “Car Tax” and states that it is called Road Fund Licence. What decade does this man drive in? It has not been called a Road Fund Licence for years and years; the correct term to which he refers, I believe is Vehicle Tax or Vehicle Licence.  I was in fact referring to tax which is included in the fuel duty on all fuel sold for vehicles used on the roads.

In fact I drive a car which is zero rated for Vehicle Tax but I do pay car tax on all the fuel I buy.

Doug Manning says I said that cyclists never comply with traffic signs. This is not the case, I said that I was sure they didn’t exist to many cyclists and as for failing to comply with traffic lights, I pointed out that many cyclists mount the pavement to the danger of pedestrians and ride round them.

As for cyclists riding four abreast on our country lanes; yes they do, completely block both sides of the road and expect every other road user to avoid them instead of them riding safely in single file.

Mr Glasby refers to Vehicle Excise Duty, this doesn’t exist anymore either, and yes I know that many cyclists are motorists and that is why I believe they should ride with more consideration for other road users. He refers to the use of cycles in the Netherlands and Belgium where, no doubt the police in those countries make sure the cyclists comply with the law and traffic regulation.

I see that Jamie Tyler refers to motorists who drive using their mobile phones or under the influence of alcohol and I fully agree with him but, what about the cyclists who ride with headphones on playing music so that they cannot hear the traffic around them. What could be more dangerous? I have also seen plenty of cyclists using their phones and texting whilst cycling. I just wish they would extend the ban on using mobile phones to cyclists too and the use of headphones whilst riding.

These four respondents are typical of those cyclist who think they can do no wrong on the road and that every other road user is responsible for avoiding them instead of them being responsible for their own safety.  My point is that they are the ones calling the motorists selfish when it is in fact they who are.

Jim Fletcher, Woodsetts