Courts to blame for spiralling compensation

THE compensation culture is now way out of hand. Millions of pounds are being squandered due to a lack of backbone amongst the judiciary.

Long gone are the days when accidents were just that. As a child of the 60s if I fell from a tree I would be punished by my parents for climbing the tree in the first place, we wouldn’t even think about suing anyone.

Millions of people now seem hell bent on getting money for nothing. Make the judiciary accountable to the public, every penny they hand out to these scroungers comes out of honest people’s pockets.

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I for one would love to sit on a magistrates’ bench and tell the claimants where to go. I noticed recently in the press that more money is put aside for claims than is spent on modernising housing and building affordable homes.

What does that say about the whole compensation culture?

I would like to see all of the TV advertising for ambulance chasers removed from our screens and legislation passed to stop the constant bombardment of the public by these compensation companies.

Brian Hitchen, Briary Close, Brinsworth

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