Councillors should stand up and be counted

WHERE have our councillors gone? When they've chance to shine and make a name for themselves they are standing out loud and proud with their absence.

What about backing the teachers at Rawmarsh Community School and their fight against the Tory cuts. What's that I hear? Are they all timid Tims or are they Tories in disguise? I bet their forefathers who fought for jobs in the pits and steel industry would turn in their graves at these wimps.

What about looking at where the money's gone and who was to blame for these travesties.

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They took all the plaudits when the medals were being given out but where are they now, not standing up to be counted, I can clearly see that. Lions led by donkeys.

Can't wait for the May elections when they finally appear.

Jeff Sheard, address supplied.

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