Cloak-and-dagger move over Herringthorpe Playing fields

Sir-- I was wondering how many of your readers are aware of RMBC’s and Rotherham Rugby Club's cloak-and-dagger proposal to portion off and restrict free access by the general public to a large portion of Herringthorpe Playing Fields adjacent to Badsley Str

A planning application (reference RB2012/0002) was submitted to Rotherham Development Control (Planning) on Thursday 22nd December 2011 for the erection of 10 number, 15 metre high flood light columns, however if you read the accompanying planning statement it is an intrinsic part of the proposal to erect 2 metre high weldmesh (security) fencing around almost 3 hectares of Herringthorpe Playing Field therefore preventing free public access to one of Rotherham few truly open and freely accessibly public open spaces.

Do you agree? Post your comments below.

Within the planning statement it states that ‘for the majority of the time the pitches will be unused and the area remains ‘open’ however in the next breath states that

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‘The use of the pitches will be strictly controlled & managed’. Let me ask a question who will undertake this roll as gate keeper to what should be a freely accessible public space? RMBC or the privately owned Rotherham Rugby Club?

Setting aside the significant effect that this proposal will have on the already congested and dangerous roads of Clifton (the proposed car parking management plan put forward by Rotherham Rugby Club is laughable if not a work of fiction to challenge the likes of J. R. R Tolkien and his little Hobbit friends) or the light pollution which when combined with Herringthorpe Stadium will mean even in the darkest depths of winter anybody walking around or through Herringthorpe Playing Fields will do so with constant glare from almost blinding levels of artificial lighting,.

If you object to what is tantamount to the privatisation of an open and freely accessible public space for use by "all" residents of Rotherham than please make your objection known via the RMBC web site, in writing to Rotherham Development Control or to your councillor using the above planning reference number and before public consultation ends on Thursday 26th January 2012.

A resident, address supplied.

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