Chief inspector must apologise

I COULDN’t believe what I was reading in the Advertiser’s letters page from Dave Mitchell of Lincoln. The total arrogance of the said Chief Inspector telling someone to “sit down or he would be deal with”, for shouting it was the council and police to blam

This country of ours prides itself on our right to freedom of speech. One of the roles of the police is to defend people’s right to this freedom. They are keepers of the law and not above the law. Or maybe as we are seeing in the news this week, they think it is one law for the general public and one for themselves. These types of actions will only result in the average man in the street losing respect for the law and then what will have have other than anarchy?

I hope the Chief Inspector reads this letter and does the decent thing and responds by apologising for his arrogance.

Richard Bloor, Treeton

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