Celebrate work of unions

RECENTLY it was ‘heartunions week’, celebrating the work trade unions and their network of volunteer reps do to help working people every day.

In workplaces all over Britain, union activists are making sure we are safe, protecting our jobs, bargaining for fair pay, and helping us get on at work through learning and training. They're backed up by more than six million members — from nurses to checkout assistants to lorry drivers to airline pilots.

‘Heartunions week’ is a chance to showcase the amazing work unions do, and to tell the stories of ordinary members and reps.

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And ‘heartunions’ week comes at a crucial time. The government are currently trying to push through drastic changes in the Trade Union Bill, that will make it harder for unions to organise, recruit members, and stand up for workers’ rights.

As the Bill is debated in its House of Lords, I would like to remind people why unions are so important, and the damage this Bill could do.

Karen Fletcher, Nursery Road North Anston

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