Capitalism safe from Occupy protesters

AMONG the best news of the week was the announcement that futile "Occupy" demonstrations in a few of our cities have been brought ot an end.

The public ineffectual hand-wringing of the heirarchy of St Paul's Cathedral brought the Anglican Church into disrepute, but fortunately the firm resolve of the City of London authorities ended in the removal of this public eyesore.

When in London on 1st November, I went along to look and listen. After hearing 30 minutes of loudspeaker debate on the subject of whether to hold the next morning's meeting at 10 a.m. or 10.30, I decided that global capitalism was not in much danger.

Their local representatives, camped outside Sheffield Cathedral in apparent squalor, consisted of 4 or 5 individuals and about a dozen scruffy and mainly unoccupied tents. They received very little public interest and were removed by the Cathedral authorities, showing more resolve than St Paul's.

The whole wretched business received far more publicity, largely from the BBC, than it deserved. Let us hope that we have seen the last of them.

Cllr Chris Middleton, Sitwell Grove, Rotherham.

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