Bully boy tactics by Severn trent

Sir-- I would like to express my absolute disbelief that here in the 21st century big private firms are allowed to get away with bully boy tactics as seen by Severn Trent Water who are digging up Wadsworth Road in Bramley and laying down a sewer across Wad

With Bramley Parish Council being against this and the residents and allotment owners of Wadsworth Road and Coquet Avenue, it's clear that Severn Trent Water hasn't taken their concerns and opinions on board and ploughed on regardless.

Even the allotments and Mr and Mrs Suter's garden on Coquet Avenue is to be mashed up during Severn Trent's operation.

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With Bramley Parish Council not being able to challenge this as legislation under the Water iIndustries Act allows big private firms like Severn Trent todig up and lay sewerage wherever they like.

I think it is high time we review this so that big private firms can't carry on overruling communities' proposals.

Frankly, the people of Bramley deserve to be treated better.

Richard Price, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.


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