Breakfast Club appplauded

THE members of staff at High Greave School are to be applauded for their wonderful efforts in setting up a breakfast club to feed their children before commencing the day’s lessons, as reported in the Advertiser last week.

I must agree that free breakfasts will help to “alleviate poor diet and nutrition amongst the students”. It all takes me back to the time many years ago when I was at school. My mother provided my breakfast but I did have free meals at lunchtime as my father unfortunately had the misfortune to die when I was 11 and, unlike today, there was little state aid of any kind for widows and their families then.

It is gratifying to know that they will be fed at school and their struggling parents will have peace of mind knowing that they do not have the task of shopping to buy a loaf of bread, or a packet of cereals and a heavy bottle of milk. As to future developments, I wonder if Mr Sheard has considered applying for another £9,000 in order to extend this project to provide food for some tea and meals at the weekend as I am sure this would no doubt be greatly appreciated by the children and their parents.

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