Boycott PCC election

I recently received a leaflet from New Labour scaremongering, telling me how Tories are cutting this and cutting that and these three Maltby councillors are going to save Maltby from Armageddon.

It also pledged their support for Shaun Wright's PCC election. What this leaflet failed to mention was, three out of the four councillors mentioned in the leaflet have all served in the worst department possibly in the country, Rotherham Children's Services.

Three of these councillors sat on their hands and said and did nothing regarding the grooming scandal. One of these councillors failed to declare an interest in a major upcoming project where the councillor is a director of the benefacting company. When I raised the issue, the councillor "declared an interest" despite having sat on numerous meetings regarding the project before she declared an interest.

If this councillor had nothing to hide, or did nothing wrong, why did the councillor "declare an interest".

Let's not forget Rotherham Labour Party slashed the laundry service, slashed meals on wheels and slashed frontline services.  This was when Blue Labour was in powerm and now in a time of austerity and job losses I don't see Labour opposing this total waste of money electing PCC's. £140,000 per year for what?

What can Lord Prescott or Shaun Wright bring to the table? Nothing. It's what they can TAKE from the table that interests them. I urge all Maltby people to boycott this PCC election and let Shaun Wright sign on.

Michael Conlon, School Walk, Maltby

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