BNP a fascist organisation

LAST week The Advertiser published a letter from Marlene Guest under the headline Respect and free speech at BNP rally.

I was at the counter-demonstration that day and would like to remind Marlene Guest that many of her fellow BNP members spent a considerable amount of time running over to the counter-demonstration hurling foul and abusive language and mooning at us as a group of people who were exercising our own democratic right to free speech.

I would also like to remind Marlene that the BNP were ultimately issued with a dispersal order by the police after their behaviour became violent and aggressive.

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The BNP are a fascist organisation like the EDL and the National Front. They are only interested in "democracy"' when they want the freedom to propagate racist lies and intimidate the local population.

Jill Adams, Breaburn Close, Rotherham.

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