Beware of this scam

ON September 23 2014 I received phone call, purportedly from my broadband supplier TalkTalk, during which I was instructed to log to my computer to correct errors using an application called Teamviewer.

From my previous employment on a helpdesk, I recognised this as an application which would then hand over control of my computer to the caller. I immediately terminated the call.

I checked with Talktalk and it was a scam. Your broadband company will never give you an unsolicited call of this nature. They will only call you if you have reported a problem to them.

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I also rang the police and reported it — I have a crime number for this.

Yesterday (June 2 2015 — almost five months later) in the Daily Mail, there is a report of a number of people being fleeced by this scam (£2,800 taken out of one person’s bank account and neither the bank, nor Talktalk can help him recover the money).

The public need to know the web addresses which can be used to take over control of their computers. Teamviewer is a legitimate tool for companies so that they can sort out problems remotely within the company — it is lethal for the innocent people that fraudsters prey on.

The general public needs to be made aware that there are systems which can be used to control their computers and warned NEVER to log on to their computers and follow instructions because they are told to by ANYBODY.

Pat Lee, Kimberworth

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