Anger at Rawmarsh School strike

Sir—I would like to express my anger, disappointment, frustration and complete astonishment at the nauseating situation currently at Rawmarsh Community School.

 I have a son who attends Rawmarsh and since September his education has been severely disrupted.

I have grave concerns as to whether he will be able to successfully get back on track with his education.

As a parent, and like many parents I have spoken to, am disappointed with the attitude of the teachers who appear to be choosing to damage their own students’ education by the strike action.

I am extremely frustrated that nothing effective appears to have been done to alleviate the situation and to help the students to get back on track.

I am dumbfounded to have learned that the head teacher is dismissing staff across all areas within school but has left in charge the same inept people that contributed to this situation in the first place.

Surely the school’s previous head teacher, leadership team and finance manager could have dealt with the financial situation earlier but, due to their incompetence, let the school reach this situation.

Should therefore the new head teacher not have removed those members of staff and be allowed to lead with a new more competent leadership team and finance manager?

This maybe would not have made sufficient savings but at least it would have brought more confidence to the people of Rawmarsh as they would know that competent and effective people would be leading the school and their children in the right direction.

To Mr. Wilson I ask: how can you guarantee to us parents the success of the school when you are working with the same people that brought the school to its knees?


Kevin Philips, address supplied.

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