All should have respect

MR Beeley, I believe in a class-less world where those less fortunate than we are treated with respect and understanding. I respect the high to the low.


My family members who were miners and steel men are/were not thugs because they were union members who had the right to stand up to Mrs Thatcher and her government.

It was that government that used M15 to infiltrate the NUM and bring police officers fall all over the UK.

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After she and her government got their own way they proceeded to dismantle and sell everything they could, it even got to the point where her own party had enough.

Now Royal Mail is to be sold off, is the NHS next?

As I stated in my letter to the Advertiser the past election was the first time I had voted Labour for some time. This was not done lightly and my honest and open comment will have done me no favours, but what other choices were they? I dislike Tories, and will never vote for even more right parties i.e. UKIP, BNP or EDL.

I was also pleading in my letter please do not use victims of abuse to hurl insults. Victims have my full respect and support.

Lastly I also did comment on freedom of speech, which means having to put up with endless marches by EDL etc., those who believe in unions, those who have millions and avoid paying tax while others are starving. Surely the Tories’ idea of an economy where wealth is passed down has proved to be a failure.

Long live the human race.


Russ Williams, Broom Court, Rotherham

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