Abbey tactics scary

THIS is about the tactics being used by Abbey school demonstrators.

On Wednesday January 7 I was attending the Rockingham centre at night time, and on entering the car park I was confronted by a very disorderly bunch of people and out of the dark jumped the most stupidest person you can imagine, dressed in black coat and blue jeans.

Remember it is pitch black! He stepped out to the front offside of my vehicle waving his arms while another one jumped back. I quickly locked all my doors and proceeded without stopping into the car park with caution, not knowing what to expect. Is there any more in hiding already? Feeling nervy after watching what had been happening in Paris, no joking, on parking up I noticed once again another one creeping around and looking round a corner as if in hiding.

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Noticing people coming out of Rockingham he quickly vanished to join his crew. On entering Rockingham myself, other people were also complaining about how they had been approached.

Now the thing is if I had been a loan woman driver entering I would have been terrified. My points are wear hi viz vests at night time, do not jump out on motorists, do not creep around in the dark like you are stalking, remember you are after people who you want to help your appeal, so you do not want to be seen as a bunch unruly people who look as if they want to bully and frighten people.

You have lost any support I had for you. I also have video recording in my vehicle which recorded this.

Name and address supplied

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