Young girl's letter to King Charles after Queen's funeral gets heartwarming response

A SADDENED schoolgirl wrote a letter of condolence as she watched the Queen’s funeral — and was delighted to receive a thank-you card back from the new monarch.

Eight-year-old Amelia Wallage (right) began writing to King Charles as the funeral procession and service was screened on TV last September.

Dad Sean posted the letter to Buckingham Palace, along with some photos he had taken of Amelia.

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They had given up hope of receiving a reply and Sean admitted he had forgotten all about it, so he was stunned when an envelope dropped through the letterbox of the family home in Whiston two weeks ago.

“I saw the letter and realised it must be from the royal family but I left it where it was and told Amelia there was a letter for her,” he said.

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“Amelia’s reaction was incredible. She was really happy.

“She took it into school on the first day back to show everybody.”

The card features a printed message and a photo of the late Queen and the new King and is hand-signed by the monarch.

“I think it’s just amazing — I am bit of a royalist anyway but I think it’s just fantastic,” said Sean.

“It is a priceless thing and shows a real personal touch.”