Workers leave Wath road looking like a zip

CONTRACTORS left a pavement looking like a zip after pulling up slabs and replacing them with tarmac.

Staff from Murney Ltd caused a storm on social media after patching up Mount Pleasant Road in Wath.

The work to install Virgin Media cables was completed last week but left residents unimpressed. 

Linda Bentley said: “Surely when cables have been laid paving slabs should be replaced with new ones, not with tarmac. 

“This looks a right mess.”

Angela Hempshall added: “It’s ridiculous how they can leave a bodged up job like that Surely council are responsible for how it’s left at the end of day.”

Karen Kendall branded the finished result “disgusting”, adding: “They should be made to come back and put slabs back down.”

Wath councillor Alan Atkin confirmed he had been contacted by residents and said Rotherham Borough Council highways officials were pursuing Virgin Media and their contractors over the two-tone pathway.

“We can take enforcement action to make them do a proper job and I’ve got highways inspectors to look into it,” he said.

“We’ve had problems with Virgin Media before and there is a precedent for this. In Brinsworth we fined them and got them back to sort it out.

“I think it will probably be better as all tarmac but as it is it will cause trip hazards.”

Murney Ltd did not respond to a request for comment.