Women's chance to learn vital skills

WOMEN are being given the chance to go native and learn vital survival skills, courtesy of a wildlife trust.

The Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust is holding its women-only Wild Survivor! course in Greno Woods near Grenoside in Sheffield on March 13.

The event is part of a series of activities put on by the trust’s outdoor learning team and will include topics such as locating a water source, foraging for food and building protection.

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The trust is hoping that the course will make an unusual Mother’s Day present.

Chris Smith, senior outdoor learning officer, said: “For me, survival skills are the same as first aid and self-defence skills. Hopefully you’ll never need them but you’ll be glad you did and that they were simple enough to remember many years from now.

“As people become more and more disconnected from nature and reliant on technology to solve all our problems, we become more at risk of falling foul of our wonderful yet unpredictable weather and terrain.

“Learning a few basic survival skills can really add to the enjoyment of spending time in the wilds as well as being a real life-saver if you ever need to call on them.”

To find out more, contact Chris Smith at [email protected].

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