Widow honors tragic rock fan's wish as late husband's ashes are sent into space

HE was always a star in his wife’s eyes — now Jason Mercer has been shot into space.

The tragic rock fan from Broom died in 2019 after his car was hit by another vehicle while stationary after breaking down on the M1 smart motorway.

The 44-year-old’s long-held wish of having his ashes shot into space was realised by his widow Claire, who arranged for the unusual tribute and arranged a memorial gathering of friends and family at the couple’s Rotherham home.

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Claire said she had wanted to do “something different” to remember him, adding: “He would’ve enjoyed the thought of it.”

She said she had spoken to Sheffield firm Ashes in Space to arrange the usual tribute because his preferred option for a send-off — a Viking longboat funeral — was not allowed in the UK.

A video was shot of the module carrying Jason’s ashes rising from earth into orbit before they were released.

It also includes a photo and video gallery of his life, before concluding with the message: “Laws will be changed in his name while he rests in the stars” — as nod to Claire’s ongoing campaign for the scrapping of technology-managed smart motorways

Visit https://tinyurl.com/JasonMercerashes to watch the video.