Why it's hard being male slimmer . . .

A MAN mountain who has shed over half his body weight insists that male super slimmers don't get the credit they deserve.

Tariq Mehrban is half the man he was after losing 14 stones of his 27-stone weight thanks to three years of intense training and dieting.

Known as Fats by his friends, the 38-year-old, of Doncaster Road, Eastwood,  swapped chicken tikkas for treadmills to rid himself of the result of years of unhealthy eating.

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And when it comes to weight loss, Tariq feels men don't get as much credit as women.

“Everywhere you go these days, in magazines and things, it's all about women who have lost weight,” he said. “There is never talk about men

“My heart goes out to anybody struggling with their weight, because I know how hard it can be but it would be nice to read about blokes losing weight sometimes too.”  

The 38-year-old taxi driver and father of two said he just got up one day and decided he needed to change his life.

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“I used to suffer from backaches and breathlessness,” he said. “I used to find it a struggle just going up the stairs.

“If I couldn’t find a parking space directly outside a shop I used to turn around because I just couldn't walk.

“I wanted to live a more healthy lifestyle but losing weight is one of those things that you can't do unless you want to do it yourself.

“Before I lost the weight my diet consisted of curries, chips, pizzas—you name it.

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“But now I have had to stick to a low fat diet, which at times did get tough because you do get tempted by certain things.” 


Where once he was “terrified” of the gym, he now goes every day and said he would urge everyone to exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle.

His family and friends have certainly noticed the difference to his weight and his life too.

“I know my wife and children are very happy at what I've achieved”, he said. “My friends still like to call me Fats though—I don’t think that name will ever go.”

Tariq’s diet:


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Breakfast: two fried eggs, three to four slices of toast, seven or eight chocolate biscuits and a mug of coffee.

Lunch: fish and chips followed by a cream cake.

Tea: doner kebab or chicken and chips followed by another dessert.

Midnight: chicken and chips or doner kebabs again.


Breakfast: porridge, protein drink and banana.

Lunch: tuna or chicken salad.

Tea: fruit followed by chicken and vegetables.