When it gets cold, it’s nicer in the office

SURGING energy prices make the office more appealing this winter for 85 per cent of employees, research by a Rotherham firm found.

Instantprint surveyed 1,000 people from across the UK and discovered a dip in popularity for working from home during the colder months.

The top perks of commuting to work included free hot drink facilities and control over the heating temperature, the Manvers-based online printing company learned.

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Bottom of the list of benefits from being in the office were spending time with colleagues and training and progression opportunities.

An influx of workers could pose a problem for employers — 15 per cent of those surveyed admitted their office was not able to provide capacity for their full team.

Laura Mucklow, head of Instantprint, said: “With the demand for office space set to surpass maximum capacity for many businesses, it’s important to prepare your space and processes early for remote and hybrid workers coming into the office.

“If your office space doesn’t have the capacity for a full team, you’ll need to find a way to manage the space fairly, for example by introducing a seat booking policy.

“From tidying up the office to modifying it with wall mountable storage, make sure everyone has equal opportunity to work from the office as and when they need to this winter.”

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