Welcome to Sheffield…er…Rotherham

AN ORGANISATION paid £20,000 a year to promote Rotherham tourist spots mistakenly listed two as being in Sheffield.

Welcome To Yorkshire — the county’s official tourism agency — has announced this year’s White Rose Awards shortlist.

Magna was included in the business category and Dinnington B&B Throapham House in the guest accommodation list — but both were described as Sheffield.

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Rotherham Borough Council opposition leader Cllr John Gilding said: “We’ve had trouble with Welcome To Yorkshire before.

“We pay this organisation £20,000-£25,000 a year.

“Why are we paying all this money when they are making cock-ups like this all the time?

“How can we have faith in them drawing strangers to these places when they don’t even know where they are themselves?”

Cllr Amy Rushforth, Cabinet member for culture and tourism, said: “This is something we have highlighted with Welcome To Yorkshire, that both of these places are in the Rotherham border.

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“They have said they won’t make that mistake again. We feel that we do get a benefit from the Yorkshire brand they promote and we’re happy with the service they are providing.”

The awards take place in Leeds in November.