WEATHER LATEST: Pump averts flood threat

RESIDENTS at risk of flooding have been reassured after the council deployed a pump to ease drainage pressure following heavy rain.

One of Rotherham Borough Council’s diesel pumps was sent to Catcliffe as a precaution this morning.

It pumped water from the highway drainage system to relieve a surface water flood problem on Orgreave Road.

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A spokeswoman said: “The pumps will not be pumping water from the river. There is a flap valve situated at the outfall to the River Rother which should prevent river water from backing up the highway drainage system.

“We appreciate that residents of Catcliffe will be concerned but we can assure them that the water levels will be monitored continuously by the Drainage Section throughout the coming days.”

Council drainage teams checked gullies and grids after instances of localised flooding across the borough.

The spokeswoman said: “They visited Catcliffe at 7am and found the River Rother levels high but that no surface water flooding was evident.

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The Environment Agency also pointed out that the levels of the culverted watercourse in Sheffield Lane, which discharges directly into the River Rother, were lowering.

“They activated the regulator gates at Canklow Meadows, which relieves the river by utilising the adjacent washland areas.

“This is normal as the gates are triggered when river levels reach a certain point.”

No flood alert has been issued for the Dearne catchment of the River Dearne. Officials said the water levels would lower by Saturday.

Light rain has been forecast for the weekend.

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