We need foster carers across South Yorkshire

Make 2022 your year to make a difference by choosing a rewarding career. If you are over the age of 21 and have a spare room; with full training, support and ongoing career progression, you could be someone who transforms the life of a child.

The pandemic has made many of us re-evaluate what is important in life. For some that re-evaluation has been forced by the loss of a job or a realisation that you are not truly valued in work and for others it might simply be to crave to make a meaningful difference in the world. In either case, by choosing fostering as a career, your life skills, personal skills and passion to help could make a huge difference. 

A rewarding career 

With a national shortage of foster carers and a growing number of children in care, we’d love to talk to anyone out there who may consider fostering. We currently have 25 families being supported by our team based at the Barnsley office, caring for 33 children, but we continue to receive referrals to help children that we do not have enough foster carers to care for. Now could be the perfect opportunity to take a giant leap that could not only change a child’s life, but also bring you immeasurable rewards. 

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The first step isn’t such a giant leap! Just a chat and an open conversation about what it takes to become a foster carer and provide a safe, secure and loving home to enable a child to thrive. If you have a spare room, then that’s the very first tick on your journey to becoming a foster carer. 

One of our newly approved foster carers, Helen* didn’t think in a million years that she could become a foster carer; but that one call has completely changed her life. Helen had made some mistakes as a teenager before turning her life around years later. Due to her past and the fact that she didn’t have children of her own, Helen assumed that becoming a foster carer would be out of the question. After the thorough assessment, required by every person who wants to become a foster carer, Helen realised just how inspiring her story actually was and how valuable her life experience could be to young people in care. Her passion to help and experience in overcoming adversity is something that is impossible to teach. She was wholeheartedly approved to become a foster carer and we know will go on to help many children in need.  

Helen says:  

The assessment process made me realise that people did not see the person who had made some mistakes in their early life, but instead someone who really wanted to give her all to looking after a foster child. 

Here at Capstone Foster Care, full training is provided to become a foster carer along with 24-hour support when you have a child in your care. For an informal chat about a change in career and whether becoming a foster carer is right for you, call us on 0800 012 4004.  

For a wealth of information on fostering, visit our website.  



*Name changed for protect the identity of the foster carer