Voting slow in Police and Crime Commissioner election

A “TRICKLE” of voters have turned out to cast their vote at the borough’s polling stations for today’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Six officials stationed at Thrybergh Parish Hall, on Park Lane, Thrybergh, sat waiting for voters when the Advertiser visited to monitor progress at some of the town’s key locations at midday.

One official at the station, which had attracted around 40, said: “compared to a normal election what we’re experiencing is just a trickle.

People aren’t used to elections in November though, and there’s plenty of the day left.”

At the polling station at the High Street Centre, Rawmarsh, the Advertiser again encountered no voters.

A polling station official stationed there said: “It’s been very quiet. We’ve had more visits from the election’s organisers than voters this morning.”

The mood at polling stations visited by the Advertiser seemed to up the opinion of some experts, that the PCC elections will attract a very low turn-out of voters — as little as 15 per cent.

Critics of the election claim that a lack of public engagement would undermine the process’ multi-million cost.

PCC candidates elected across the country will assume their new roles in a week’s time.

Each will be responsible for overseeing the budget for policing, signing off the police and crime plan and holding the chief constable to account — taking over from the South Yorkshire Police Authority.