You're having a laugh, Reg

You're having a laugh, Reg

By Michael Conlon | 14/03/2011

You're having a laugh, Reg

Sir-- Reg Littletoryboy is having a laugh at the expence of the people of Rotherham.

Quotes "like we're all in this together" because he has taken 1% pay cut will be coming back to haunt this over-indulgent blue labour goon come what may.

We're not all in it together. You're in it with the Tories, Reg. Your policies have destroyed Rotherham and local communities.

Our local firms are snided in cheap foreign labour (new labour policy).

New labour laid the base for free schools and embraced Thatcher's free market economy.

Your policies gave rise to the BNP, you're a Tory Reg, so are most of the new blue labour colleagues you sit with.

In 2010 you and your colleagues described East Maltby as high worklessness, high crime and anti social behaviour, low education attainment and low adult skills.

Who out of the Labour Party wants to put your hands up and claim responsibility for this report.

This is what Maltby got out of 13 years of New Labour. 

Michael Conlon, School Walk, Maltby.


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