Young brats torch charity clothes bank

Young brats torch charity clothes bank

By Admin | 04/08/2022

Young brats torch charity clothes bank


A CLOTHING recycling bank was set on fire by three children which has resulted in a charity “losing out”.

The fire took place outside the Lord Reresby pub on Vale Road in Thrybergh.

It took place around 8.21pm on July 23.

Three young children, believed to be no older than eight years-old, were caught setting fire to the recycling bank which houses clothing for Planet Aid.

The charity raises funds for environmental and development aid programmes mainly through the collection, sorting and trading in second hand clothes and shoes with profit donated to development work in India and Africa.

Tommy Parol (32), from Thrybergh, is the manager of the pub and was frustrated by the incident.

He said: “Kids are kids but there’s a line.

“I originally posted the picture online to see if parents knew it may have been their child so they could have a word.

“Thankfully nobody was injured and it was a contained fire but next time it may not be.

“Just if you think it could be your son let them know the dangers of this but more importantly how much time it’s wasted for the fire team.

“They’ve had enough to deal with last week without having to deal with this too.

“This past week has shown us how quickly fires can spread in extreme weather.

Mr Parol added his disappointment for the hard working volunteers who collect from the recycling centre.

He added: “I feel for Planet Aid as it’s them who are losing out.

“They are now going to have to replace the recycling bin.

“This is a shame because so many people use it each week and it’s practically packed to the brim with villagers using it.

“One of the volunteers from Planet Aid works exceptionally hard every week and spends at least 30 minutes emptying and bagging the clothes.

“If anyone is still wanting to make a donation, get in touch with us at the pub and we can hold it securely for you until Planet Aid arrives.”    

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service confirmed the fire was deliberately set in the charity clothing recycling bin and they used a hose reel to extinguish the fire.

They dealt with the fire by 9.10pm.

South Yorkshire Police also confirmed the fire is believed to be deliberate and enquiries are ongoing to trace those involved.

A spokesperson for SYP said: “Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting incident number 959 of July 23.”