Will burpee world record attempt leave fitness buff jumping for joy?

Will burpee world record attempt leave fitness buff jumping for joy?

By David Parker | 01/06/2018

Will burpee world record attempt leave fitness buff jumping for joy?
Leigh Scott during her world record attempt

IT'S the one exercise that sends a shiver down the spine of even the most hardened fitness buff — the dreaded burpee.

But it doesn’t faze Rotherham fitness instructor Leigh Scott, who thinks she has smashed the world record for the most burpees in a minute.

Leigh (28), who leads the Legs, Bums and Tums class at the Holiday Inn Leisure Club near Catcliffe, is now waiting to see if the 41 she clocked up in a minute — one every 1.4 seconds — has officially beaten the existing record of 37 and become a Guinness World Record.

Leigh said: “All my friends and all my customers laugh at me that I love doing burpees.

“I just really like them and I think they are a really good full body workout.”

The burpee involves moving into a squat position with your hands on the ground, kicking your feet back into the plank position, returning to the squat position and standing up.

Leigh first realised she might be able to break the world record when she held a sponsored work out for Greenfingers, a charity which provides green spaces for terminally ill children.

Leigh, of Handsworth, said she had managed to complete 39 burpees in a minute during the workout and wondered what the world record was.

She applied to Guinness World Records to attempt the record and she was sent the rules and guidelines.

Leigh had two timekeepers, an expert witness and an independent witness on hand to adjudicate the process.

The feat was also recorded with four video cameras to send as evidence to Guinness.

Leigh almost had to postpone her record attempt when he expert witness dropped out at the last minute but thankfully, another fitness instructor, Andrew Challenger, was able to step in.

Leigh was cheered on by her family and friends as she attempted to break the world record at the Holiday Inn and raised £63 on the night for Greenfingers, Holiday Inn’s partner charity.

Leigh said: “There’s so many people involved and I’m so grateful to them.

“I was genuinely shocked by how many people were there to support me.

“I thought it would just be my mum and dad and the witnesses but when I turned up there were lots of people there.

“I was really overwhelmed by the support I had.

“I would just be so happy if this record is recognised as genuine and hopefully I’ll be able to raise more money for Greenfingers.”

Leigh said she was “very achy” following her world record attempt and had a sore back but was used to feeling sore after a workout. 

As well as running her fitness classes, Leigh also runs a personal training business called Uniquely Trained.

Leigh’s Legs, Bums and Tums class is on every Wednesday at 6pm and can be booked by calling 01709 786004.

Leigh also runs a trampoline fitness class at Tramp2Lean in Sheffield on Thursdays from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and on Saturdays at 9am.