We’re scared to go outside...or to stay in — Rawmarsh couple’s fears after ‘stabbing upstairs’

We’re scared to go outside...or to stay in — Rawmarsh couple’s fears after ‘stabbing upstairs’

By Roland Sebestyen | 12/05/2022

We’re scared to go outside...or to stay in — Rawmarsh couple’s fears after ‘stabbing upstairs’


“I COULD hear the body hit the floor and the silence.”

That was the disturbing account from the desperate mum of a nine-week-old baby as she called for help after living among nightmare neighbours.

The one-bedroom flat on Burkinshaw Avenue, Rawmarsh, is small but Eleanor Simonite (20) said it would be fine for herself, her partner Robert Martin and their young son Vincent if it were not for other residents who she said caused constant problems, including noise and criminal damage.

Eleanor said she believes “prostitutes and drug addicts” had been previous tenants in one flat and recent incidents had left herself and her partner scared to go out — but also to stay at home.

“A couple of weeks ago a woman was stabbed upstairs,” she said.

“The tenant before that was a drug addict and he stole some of my property.

“We just can’t live like this anymore as my partner has mental health issues, including anxiety and depression.

“It has got worse since we’ve got our son as he’s worried for him.

“One time, his car was kicked by the guy upstairs and we feel like we can’t do anything about it as what if they throw a brick in our window? We’ve got a baby sleeping inside.”

Eleanor said she had appealed to Rotherham Council and her MP for help, without success.

She added: “The council is just shrugging us off whatever we do.

“I’ve written to our MP but he’s done absolutely nothing either.

“This is a volatile situation and we can’t turn to anyone.

“My partner has two children who spend some nights a week at our flat and we just don’t want them to be around violence anymore.

“Most recently, a random guy knocked on the door and was just standing there not saying anything. It was really scary.

“I’m not sure if their behaviour is worse or it just seems worse because it’s constant, and it’s frightening to have such a young baby in that kind of environment.

“Both of us spend quite a bit of the night up, not because of our son, who is an excellent sleeper, but because of the people upstairs.

“If I hear something, anything, I panic about what’s going on.

“Last time, when the girl upstairs was stabbed, I could hear the body hit the floor and the silence. I thought: ‘He’s killed her.’

“We’re scared as we don’t know if this will happen again.”

Police confirmed they had been called to the flats at 2am on March 16 following reports of a woman being assaulted.

A spokesperson said a 44-year-old man had been arrested at the scene on suspicion of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and criminal damage but no further action would be taken “as the victim did not support it”.

Rotherham Council’s acting assistant director of housing, Paul Walsh, confirmed they knew about the March incident, adding: “All reports have been dealt with by South Yorkshire Police and appropriate action has been taken.

“As this case remains confidential, we cannot disclose any further information.

“Our housing officers have reached out to concerned tenants in the area to offer support and provide a course of action.”

MP John Healey said he had arranged for a community walkabout with police this month to identify any problem areas.

He added: “I am really sorry about Eleanor’s housing problems.

“I gave her advice about who to speak to and the action to take when she contacted me. I also asked her to keep me informed but she’s not been in contact again.”


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