‘Waste plan’ suggestion to curb littering

‘Waste plan’ suggestion to curb littering

By Gareth Dennison | 22/06/2022

‘Waste plan’ suggestion to curb littering


LOCATIONS for bins should be considered on planning permissions where waste will be created, a councillor suggested as RMBC discussed tackling litter.

Cllr Sue Ellis called for Rotherham Council to attach conditions to ensure a bin was in the “optimum” spot near a takeaway, for example.

She added: “I would also like the planning department to look at asking for waste plans with every planning application that would generate waste, so we know that they have in place contracts for their waste management.

“I don’t think that should be beyond us. We should be able to do that work in planning.”

The comments came during an Improving Places scrutiny discussion about RMBC’s “enviro-crime plan,” which is set to be published in August.

Sam Barstow, acting assistant director of community safety and streetscene, said he would take the bins idea back to colleagues to see what is possible within the planning process.

He added: “Once a business is in place and built, we have powers to require them to produce evidence about their waste disposal arrangements.”

Cllr Michael Bennett-Sylvester suggested using RMBC’s annual bin collections calendar — sent out to every household — to advertise available options like extra bins, bulky waste collection and Rothercard discounts.

He added: “The number of times I’m out on litterpicks in places like East Herringthorpe, when talking to people, they either think that the cost is a lot higher or they are not aware of the discounts.

“So you end up in a situation where white van men, for want of a better term, say: ‘I will take away your fridge for £20.’

“I’m just wondering if better communication on those lines could actually undercut the people who are taking the settee and dumping it down Sunnyside lanes.”

Improving Lives commission chairman Cllr Ken Wyatt said: “I think we are missing a trick with that. I look at my bin calendar every week and we could use that opportunity.

“We don’t want it to be like the Dead Sea Scrolls in length, but we could put in some key messages on the bin calendars.”

Mr Barstow added: “In recent conversations with colleagues from Defra, we have been speaking about the potential need for an offence for people to advertise waste services when they are not licensed, to try and cap off and deal with some of those social media issues of white van men.”

Cllr Taj Khan, ward member for Rotherham East, raised the persistent problems of bins being used incorrectly at Eastwood.

RMBC has tried visiting schools in the area and sending out leaflets to residents in various languages.

Cllr Khan said: “About six months ago, we actually went door to door and gave each household each bin that was missing one. But I think if we went back today, we would still see some bins missing.”

Mr Barstow said the enviro-crime plan would aim to move to longer-term measures to address challenging parts of the borough such as Eastwood.